Add an Island Feature

Slate grey Decorative Edge around Island bed

This island Garden Bed is a real showpiece with the slate gray Decorative edge installed.

Island Garden bed with the Decorative Edge curbing.

The creation of this stunning island garden bed is easy and fast with the Decorative Edge

The red mulch really looks fabulous here in this island bed with the curbing colored to enhance its effect.

Adobe color Decorative Edge Island

A boring area of lawn is quickly transformed into a marvelous Island Garden Bed with the installation of the Decorative Edge.

Adding an “Island Garden Bed” in front of your home adds curb appeal, value and interest. If you already have a shrub or tree – let us transform that one small feature into a masterpiece island feature. Does the front yard of your home look a little bare? Could it be improved with a feature garden bed? Let us design a new island garden bed in that space and frame it with your choice of decorative edge. The transformation can be done in one day with a continuously formed decorative concrete border surrounding the planting bed. We have a wide choice of color combinations to suit your landscape and the border can be contoured and shaped to suit any layout.
Surround trees with the Decorative Edge

A group of trees can be easily combined into a single Island garden Bed with the installation of the Decorative Edge

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