Add Curb Appeal

The decorative edge makes a beautiful home extraordinary.

Wikipedia says: – “Curb Appeal is attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property.”
Without doubt the most cost effective method to achieve “instant curb appeal” is to frame your Garden Beds with the Decorative Edge. In one day we can change the whole appearance of your landscaping and set your home apart from all the rest in your street. We will transform an otherwise ordinary garden layout into a masterpiece that catches everybody’s eye. Our continuously formed concrete edging is custom made on your site and is finished in colors, textures, patterns and shape to compliment your existing decor and add extreme value to your property for a very moderate outlay.

  • Instant one day transformation.
  • Stand apart from the other homes in your street.
  • Increase your homes value.
  • Select colors to enhance your existing landscape

  • Choose from our range of colors and textures to create your own unique style. Our landscape makeover will be the best investment you ever made in the appearance of the outside of your property. Contact us now for a free design service and quote. Email

    The Decorative Edge provides a real feature to add curb appeal to this home.

    The Decorative Edge around a garden bed in front of this home transformed the landscape.

    This modest home has distinctive character with the addition of The Decorative Edge.

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