Edge your pathways

The Decorative Edge retains river stone.

This moisture retaining river gravel makes fabulous mulch and The Decorative Edge makes sure it stays put.

Curbing on both sides of paved path

This paved entrance pathway is enhanced with the addition of this stunning Decorative Edge on both sides.

The Decorative Edge as a Hi Border Edge

We also have the perfect solution for high beds with the Decorative Edge both functional and a real feature.

The Decorative Edge borders a flagstone path

This flagstone path is enhanced by The Decorative Edge on both sides.

There is no better way to define the edge of a pathway and retain that mulch and bark from washing onto your paths or driveway. Not only is it functional but the Decorative Edge adds this stunning aesthetic touch as well. You won’t believe what a difference the Decorative Edge makes. You can add it to your entrance paths, along the side of your driveway or retain your river rock with a beautiful border. Some customers like to use it as the defined edge to a paved patio area and it really makes the paver installation more secure with such a great border around the outside. If you have a pathway project you’d like to enhance give the Decorative Edge a try – You’ll be amazed at how great it looks and how well it works.
The Decorative Edge borders a paved barbeque area.

This paved Barbeque area is bordered by the Decorative Edge. This design technique retains the pavers perfectly and it looks fantastic too.

The Decorative Edge makes this path tidy.

The Decorative Edge simply finishes off the path and keeps the soil & mulch where they belong.

You couldn’t tidy this brick edged driveway any better than with the Decorative Edge.

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